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Work teams are groups of employees that work together on a task. Work teams are most efficient when job content changes and expert advice are needed to complete a set of work with different skills.

  • The purpose of creating teams is to provide a framework that will increase the ability of employees to participate in planning, problem-solving, and decision-making to better serve customers. Increased participation promotes: A better understanding of decisions.
  • Creativity is not the domain of one single person. Besides a bigger pool of ideas, working together also creates an enthusiasm for idea generation that people usually don't experience alone. The ability to share ideas with the team excites employees and accelerates the creative process
  • “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson | Wellbeing People

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  • Software Developer

    02/27/2024 05:28 PM

    Employer: Public Knowledge Project


    The software developer will join the software development team to code the future of PKP’s software applications, particularly Open Journal Systems (OJS), Open Monograph Press (OMP...

  • Senior Full-stack Engineer - Vue.js/Nuxt

    02/27/2024 02:13 PM

    Employer: Slides With Friends


    Slides With Friends is a platform for interactive presentations, group education, live polls/quizzes, and team building — we make group experiences more engaging, educational, and...

  • Frontend Developer

    02/26/2024 01:19 PM

    Employer: Heiland GmbH

    Location: Hamburg, Deutschland was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2016 with the idea that we could be more than just the next tech start-up. It would be a collection of experiences, relationships, pe...

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